Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pine Wood Derby 2009

This Pine Wood Derby was the biggest one we had been to. It was Wonderful and Thank yous to all who helped run it, much appreciated! Bentley had so much fun working on this with Dad, and I would have to say he did work with Dad though the whole project and ended up doing about half of the work. I'm not sure of the total number of boys I think around 30 and Bentley got 5 place. Way to Go!! Dad and Bentley putting in weights before the race.
The weigh in.

Bentley leading the group in a song. (just biding time)

The first Race.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Third place winner Kasden Grasse

Bentley and Tyler

The winners (and Bentley's cousins) Ephram Cook and Nate Cook

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taking Tiffany to School

Wow this taking your kids to college is tough business!! We had a great time! Introduced Nana to Gilmore Girls as we drove and watched almost the whole 4th season. Got to see Shelby and Derek's great apartment. Had dinner with and got to see Shane, Linda, Kody, and Courtney. Kody welcome home! And Courtney the brunette, who knew! Had dinner and a show with Kayti and Nikki, thanks for the great girl talk ladies! Shopped and decorated, unpacked met the great roomies. Went to church with Kayti and Aaron. And did a Whole Lot of crying. Good tears! Sad tears! Tears just because change is hard! Wouldn't really have it any other way, it is time for Tiffany to spread her wings and fly, but wow this taking your sweet beautiful daughter to college is tough business! The Very Full Car. (we were dropping Lincoln off to School and then we picked up Nana and then off to Idaho)
The First look at Tiffany's new home.

We drove to Idaho, spend the night with Shelby and Derek and then on to Utah.

Lunch at a In and Out wannabes.

Tiffany's bed put together. (great quilt! thanks Nana!)

Tiffany's new School
The girls going to a movie Kayti Tiffany Nikki Shelby and Marge'

The girls "texting Aunt Ketti" a question during our dinner and girl talk.

Tiffany's room

Tiffany all ready for her first day at Church, just before saying Good Bye.
Isn't she Beautiful!

Christmas is over at our house

Many moons ago Karsten Lyman said to Ketti, after his mom had put all of their Christmas decorations down, Christmas is over at our house. So with that said, we had a great Christmas!!
With family and friends and great celebrations and a wonderful New Years party. I neglected to post many things I wanted to but I just want to say a Thank you to all who we heard from, celebrated with and exchanged gifts, love and memories with. Thank you and here is to a Happy New Year! which one is mine?!?


our beauty

The thrill of victory

Shelby Lexus and Derek
Tiffany and Garrett with a touch of Derek and a touch of my poor attempt at photo shop

our five cookies

the Wilder bunch

the Cook Clan