Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The New Decor

Scott and Marge's room
We have been in our home for eleven years now and we have had the same bedding, so it was time for a change. This kind of thing takes me a Really long time to do. I'm talking looking for years then buying one set, then returning a set, you get the picture. And then comes all of the other things that come with changing ones room. You know if you give a mouse a cookie..... Like the old lamps didn't look right any more and we got a new bench, I'm still working on a piece of art work for the wall. (yes I have already returned one!) But we are very happy and enjoying our new room.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boys to Men

After getting ready for church today the boys came downstairs and said, "Mom, look at us!"
I was very happy to take a picture of my handsome boys!!
Lincoln 14 Bentley 8


Mother and Daughter bonding at a movie about Vampires! it makes me smile
"the Shirt"

Aunt Wendy and Kaley

My Blogger Super Hero Laura Peterson, one of the biggest Twilight fans ever

Waiting, waiting waiting

keeping warm in line

the crowd

Tiffany and Natalie hold our places in line for a VERY long time Thanks Girls
I brought a pizza and hot chocolate
We had a great time and enjoyed the movie!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Young Women in Excellence

Aunt Ketti & Lexus
All of the Young Women and their Leaders. All 10 of our Beehives where there.

Patti Marge' & Ketti

Dad Lexus & Mom

Tiffany came to do my beehives hair, Thanks Tiffany

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Decorating

I love Decorating for the Holidays. Well I really don't really love the decorating part, or the taking down part, but I LOVE the part where our Home is decorated for the season!! These are my two new fabulous Thanksgiving items.

That's Mister Brace Face to you

Today November 11, 2008 my man, boy (I'm so confused) got braces! Scott and Dr. Burningham say it's all about occlusion!! So here goes nothing, I wonder what it will be like making out with my man and his braces, I guess I'll know soon enough!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

number "28"

If you were to ask me my favorite sport I would have to reply, "The sport of the season, whatever sport my child was playing!" This has been a great fall Bentley played city of Salem Soccer, Lexus played Boys and Girls Club Volleyball (pictures to follow) and Lincoln played freshman football for Sprague High School. Lincoln had a great season!! Although the record may not reflect that, it was a great growing and learning year for the boys and I (we) LOVED watching him play. I think the highlight of the year was at a away game against South and although we lost Lincoln made a interception and ran the ball for 15 yards. Yea Team!! So what brought on the reflecting tonight you might ask? Well, we just came home from the season end football awards meeting, it was so fun watching the coach, the parents and the boys!! Many awards were handed out and our Lincoln received 3 all of which made us so proud! The first award was the Silver academic, going to those boys who for the first six weeks of school had between a 3.5 and a 3.99. The second award was given to a total of 9 young men it was called the Hard Rock Award. It recognized the players who during the whole season didn't miss one practice, the coach said these are the kind of men he would hire for a job. And the third award Lincoln received was a special award from the coach, "A Coach Award". It was given to five outstanding young men who stood out for their extra efforts and hard work. Lincoln thanks for a great season and thank you for being such a great son, I love you Mom

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Haunted Houses

Making Gingerbread Haunted Houses has become a Cook Family Tradition. This year we made them with the Brock Family and the Marley Family. It was Hauntingly Good Fun!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 08

This year for Halloween Scott and I went to a Wedding

Spooky huh!!