Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I have ALWAYS want to have a couple dress - up party, and this year was the year. Thanks so much for great friends who were such great sports. Several people said, "Just before I came I thought I really hope everyone else comes dressed up." and they did. And what a great show by the Brocks, oh I mean the Blues Brothers!! The Best Valentines Day ever! Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow aka Cindy and Terry
Wilma and Fred Flintstone aka Ardith and Brian

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne aka Sheila and Tom

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl aka Stewart and Anne

The Cardinal and The Nun aka Tim and Cindy


Aaron + Kayti said...

your parties look so intense and i love it. i cant wait until aaron and i get a house and we can throw fun parties!

laura said...

GREAT outfits!!

Mark and Katie said...

What a fun the costumes!

Mary Kelly said...

I hope to host fun parties like this one day. What great memories.

Shelby said...

haha mom, thanks. I don't get your someone's someone but I think you meant I wasn't trying to say it myself. I'm at work (again) but will try to call you soon. Love you!

Oh and I tried to help cindy out a little with her upcoming party in reference to the e-mail that you sent me and it has been fun talking back and forth. She told me about when Lincoln and Bentley cleaned up her and ketti's plate at love love. So funny!

Stan and Jenn Nicolaysen said...

I love your party idea and it is so fun to see all those friends dressed up. I laughed alot. Thanks for posting this.